DARPA Modeling Adversarial Activity Program: Team UMass/UMD, JHU, BU

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Our team

Also funded (in some part):

Project: Methods for Graph Matching and Graph Matching Matched Filters

Our work in MAA is roughly broken down into two main areas: template detection and more general graph matching/merging

Template detection via Graph Matching Matched Filters

Goal: Detect noisy induced multiplex template in a larger multiplex background network by leveraging a multiplex analogue of the classical graph matching problem to use the template as a matched filter for efficiently searching the background for candidate template matches

Key papers:

Graph matching and merging

Goal: Develop robust graph alignment tools for richly featured graphs that are robust to topological heterogeneity across networks

Key papers:


All of our work in MAA has been implemented in iGraphMatch, our R package funded (in part) by the MAA program

Goal: Provide a suite of tools for easy simulation and comparison of graph matching algorithms; Become a flexible central repository for state of the art matching algorithms.

Furthering the Science

In addition to (and including) the work above, the following papers were funded/inspired by our work in the MAA program.

Graph Matching

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Network Clustering

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Graph embedding/ testing/ time-series
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Estimation/Causal Inference
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Vertex Nomination
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