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How to Obtain CentPack

Precompiled CentPack libraries for several architectures can be downloaded from our software page. The source code (C++) is also available for registered users. Both versions are distributed with sample source files that implement the auxiliary functions required to compile a central solver.

How to Install CentPack

The following are instructions for a quick installation, if you need detailed information, please read this README file, or CentPack user's guide.

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How to use CentPack

Once CentPack libraries have been installed, you can compile and run some or all the examples distributed with the package or create your own central solver for other hyperbolic problems.

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User's Guide

For complete information about CentPack, read the user's guide. There you can find detailed information about the structure of the code, the algorithm, and each central solver implemented in this version.

Download the pre-compiled binaries or the source code of fully-discrete and semi- discrete central solvers for one- and two-dimensional systems.

1D and 2D scalar examples
1D and 2D Euler Equations
1D and 2D MHD Equations

Publications Search, download or submit to the archive of publications dedicated to the construction, analysis and implementation of high-resolution central schemes.

Jorge Balbás and Eitan Tadmor