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CentPack Examples

Central schemes in general have been extensively employed to calculate the approximate solutions of various nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs and other related problems (consult our publication repository for further reference).

In this page we present few prototype examples for the approximate solutions to some one- and two-dimensional hyperbolic models calculated with the different central solvers implemented by CentPack. For the sake of clarity, for each of these examples we provide a short description of the model/problem, and the (user provided) auxiliary files that describe the corresponding flux functions and the boundary and initial conditions of the specific simulation are included with the software. These auxiliary files should, in principle, serve the user as a template for creating his/her own auxiliary files. For more information, please refer to this section of the documentation and chapter X of the user guide.

One dimensional examples

Burgers' equation
Euler equations of gas dynamics
MHD equations

Two dimensional examples

Scalar example
Euler equations of gas dynamics
MHD equations

Download the pre-compiled binaries or the source code of fully-discrete and semi- discrete central solvers for one- and two-dimensional systems.

Find more about this software in the user guide  and this detailed README file.

Search, download or submit to the archive of publications dedicated to the construction, analysis and implementation of high-resolution central schemes.

Jorge Balbás and Eitan Tadmor