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Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland, College Park

Fall 1994 Schedule

Sept. 8: Preconditioned Iterative Regularization
Dr. J. Nagy, Dept. of Computer Science, UMCP
Sept. 15: Generalized Finite Element Methods for the Helmholtz equation in 2D with minimal pollution
Dr. Stefan Sauter, University of Maryland, College Park
Sept. 22: Convergent Finite Elements for some nonconvex variational problems
Prof. C. Schwab, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Sept. 29: Quantum Computation by Sums of Classical Trajectories
Dr. Robert Manning, Williams College
Oct. 6: Convergence for a Finite Element Approximation of Curvature Driven Interface Motion
Prof. Claudio Verdi, University of Milan, Italy
Wed Oct 12, 3pm in MTH 3206: Special Numerical Analysis Talk
The PRISM Project: Recent Progress on Algorithms for Parallel Eigensolvers
Dr. Anna Tsao, Supercomputing Research Center
Oct. 13: The Hierarchical Basis Approach to Multilevel Adaptive Methods and Partitioning Adaptive Grids
Dr. William Mitchell, NIST
Oct. 20: Peaks and Plateaus in Residual Norm Plots Generated by Galerkin and Norm Minimizing Procedures for Solving Ax=b
Dr. Jane Cullum, Dept. of Computer Science, UMCP and IBM Research,T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
Oct. 27: Error estimation of Galerkin FEM for the Numerical Computation of Waves
Dr. Frank Ihlenburg, Technical University of Wismar, Germany
Nov. 3: Adaptive Error Control and the Computability of the Lorenz System
Prof. Donald Estep, Georgia Tech
Nov. 10: On the Numerical Solution of the Heat Equation in Unbounded Domains
Prof. Leslie Greengard, Courant Institute
Nov. 17: Semicirculant Preconditioners for First-order Systems of PDEs
Dr. Kurt Otto, Dept. of Computer Science, UMCP
Dec. 1: The Computation of Integrals in Potential Theory with Application to Magnetics and Electrodeposition
Dr. Anita Mayo, IBM Research Center, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.
Dec. 8: h-p Version of FEM for Reliable Analysis of Aircraft Structures
Dr. Börje Andersson, Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden
Dec. 15: Fast Nonsymmetric Iterations and Preconditioning for Navier-Stokes Equations
Prof. Howard Elman, Dept. of Computer Science and UMIACS, UMCP

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