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Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland, College Park

Spring 1995 Schedule

Jan. 26: Thermocapillary Migration of a Liquid Droplet on a Non-uniformly Heated Surface
Dr. Douglas Huntley, University of Minnesota
Feb. 2: Cartesian Grid Methods for Compressible Flow in Complex Geometries
Prof. Marsha Berger, Courant Institute
Feb. 9: Some New Results in Numerical Analysis of Conservation Laws
Prof. Pierre Gremaud, North Carolina State University
Feb. 14 (TUESDAY, 9:30 am ):
On the Computations of the Thermodynamics of a Crystalline Phase Transformation
Dr. Petr Kloucek, University of Minnesota
Feb. 16: Countably Normed Spaces and Their Application to Approximation for Elliptic Problems over Nonsmooth Domains in R^3
Prof. B. Guo, University of Manitoba, Canada
Feb. 23: On the Computation of Higher-Order Derivatives with the Boundary Element Method
Prof. W. L. Wendland, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Mar. 2: On Generalized Finite Element Methods
J. M. Melenk, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, UMCP
Mar. 9: Hamiltonian Systems, Symmetry and Computational Models of DNA Supercoiling
Prof. J. Maddocks, Dept. of Mathematics and IPST, UMCP
Mar. 14 (TUESDAY, 9:30 am, DIFFERENT ROOM: AVW 3258):
A Generalized Jacobi-Davidson Iteration Method for Linear Eigenvalue Problems
Prof. H. van der Vorst, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Mar. 30: Nonlinear Heat Conduction in Anisotropic Media
Prof. M. Krizek, Czech Academy of Sciences
Apr. 6: The Cell-Vertex Finite Volume Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems
Dr. M. Stynes, Cork, Ireland
Apr. 13: Discrete Helmholtz Decompositions And Applications
Prof. R. Falk, Rutgers University
Apr. 20: Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Spectral Elements in Three Dimensions
Prof. L. Pavarino, University of Pavia, Italy
Apr. 27: Wavelet Boundary Element Methods with Mesh Refinement
Prof. T. von Petersdorff, Dept. of Mathematics, UMCP
May 4: The Determination of Internal Flaws from Electrostatic Boundary Measurement
Prof. M. Vogelius, Rutgers University

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