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Differential Equations
  with Mathematica

Differential Equations
  with Maple

Differential Equations
  with Matlab

Differential Equations with Mathematica, Third Edition

Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
2. Getting Started with Mathematica7
3. Doing Mathematics with Mathematica13
4. Using Mathematica Notebooks31
Problem Set A: Practice with Mathematica41
5. Solutions of Differential Equations45
6. A Qualitative Approach to Differential Equations59
Problem Set B: First Order Equations69
7. Numerical Methods79
8. Features of Mathematica97
Problem Set C:Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations121
9. Solving and Analyzing Second Order Linear Equations129
Problem Set D: Second Order Equations145
10. Series Solutions159
10. Laplace Transforms167
Problem Set E: Series Solutions and Laplace Transforms177
11. Higher Order Equations and Systems of First Order Equations189
12. Qualitative Theory for Systems of Differential Equations205
Problem Set F: Systems of Equations213
Sample Solutions239