List of Papers

Almost all of these can also be found on the ArXiv. For the published papers, if you have access to the journal, it is probably better to look at the published version.

  1. Steenrod Operations in Chow Theory --- final version in Trans. Am. Math. Soc.
  2. Matroids, motives and a conjecture of Kontsevich (with P. Belkale ) --- final version in Duke Mathematical Journal
  3. Periods and Igusa zeta functions (with P. Belkale ) --- final version in IMRN
  4. A Short proof of Rost nilpotence --- final version in Documenta Mathematica
  5. On motivic decompositions arising from the method of Białynicki-Birula --- final version in Inventiones Mathematicae
  6. The essential dimension of a g dimensional complex abelian variety is 2g --- final version in Transformation Groups
  7. The zero locus of an admissible normal function (with G. Pearlstein ) --- in Annals of Mathematics
  8. Cohomology operations and inverting the motivic Bott element (with R. Joshua. ) Final version published as Comparison of motivic and simplicial operations in mod-l-motivic and étale cohomology in the proceedings book Feynman amplitudes, periods and motives, 29–55, Contemp. Math., 648.
  9. Essential dimension and algebraic stacks (with Z. Reichstein and A. Vistoli )
  10. Singularities of admissible normal functions (with Hao Fang , Zhaohu Nie and Gregory Pearlstein and an appendix by Najmuddin Fakhruddin ) --- in Inventiones Mathematicae .
  11. Essential dimension of abelian varieties over number fields (with Ramesh Sreekantan ) --- final version in CRAS
  12. Zero loci of admissible normal functions with torsion singularities (with G. Pearlstein ) ) --- in Duke Mathematical Journal
  13. Essential dimension, spinor groups and quadratic forms (with Z. Reichstein and A. Vistoli ) --- in Annals of Mathematics
  14. A generalization of the Néron models of Green, Griffiths and Kerr (with G. Pearlstein and M. Saito ) -- unpublished
  15. Essential dimension of moduli of curves and other algebraic stacks (with Z. Reichstein and A. Vistoli and an appendix by Najmuddin Fakhruddin) --- final version in the Journal of the European Mathematical Society.
  16. On the algebraicity of the zero locus of an admissible normal function (with G. Pearlstein) final version in Compostio Mathematica
  17. The locus of Hodge classes in an admissible variation of mixed Hodge structure (with G. Pearlstein and C. Schnell ) final version in CRAS
  18. Unit Interval Orders and the Dot Action on the Cohomology of Regular Semisimple Hessenberg Varieties with Timothy Y. Chow. In Advances in Mathematics.
  19. Nilpotent cones and their representation theory with G. Pearlstein and Colleen Robles. Hodge theory and L2-analysis, Adv. Lect. Math. (ALM), 39, Int. Press.
  20. Hyperplane arrangements and invariant theory with Prakash Belkale and Swarnava Mukhopadhyay. To appear in Michigan Mathematical Journal
  21. Perverse obstructions to flat regular compactifications. In Mathematische Zeitschrift.
  22. Jumps in the Archimedean Height with G. Pearlstein. Final version in Duke Mathematical Journal.
  23. Essential dimension in mixed characteristic (with Z. Reichstein and A. Vistoli ). Final version in Documenta Mathematica.
  24. Fixed points, local monodromy, and incompressibility of congruence covers (with Najmuddin Fakhruddin).
  25. Volumes of definable sets in o-minimal expansions and affine GAGA theorems