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Welcome to Central Station, a collection of resources on high-resolution central schemes. The family of central schemes offers "black-box" solvers for a wide variety of problems governed by multi-dimensional systems of non-linear conservation laws and related Partial Differential Equations (PDEs).

Along with an extensive archive of publications focused on the development of central schemes and their application to a wide range of scientific problems, we present here CentPack -- a highly adaptable collection of C++ routines that implement several high-order central schemes for general hyperbolic systems in one and two space dimensions. Full documentation for the download, compilation and execution of CentPack and examples are also provided.

CentPy -- a Python version of CentPack written by Anil Zenginoglu, can be found here (with ReadMe file). This includes CentPy Examples and Animations with a full list of animations, and examples for setting parameters and equations

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Jorge Balbás and Eitan Tadmor

April 2010: v1.0.5

Download the pre-compiled binaries or the source code of fully-discrete and semi- discrete central solvers for 1D and 2D systems.

Find more about this software in the user guide  and this README file.

1D and 2D scalar examples
1D and 2D Euler Equations
1D and 2D MHD Equations

Search, download or submit to the archive of publications dedicated to the design, analysis and implementation of high-resolution central schemes.

Click on the images above to see an animation of the interaction of a high-density MHD cloud with a strong shock. Left: density contours. Right: magnetic field.

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